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Selecting interesting, yet recognisable, backgrounds for the lovely model Kennedy was the task. Wanting not just to show off Kennedy’s beauty but also to showcase some urban scenery and some of New Zealand’s natural scenic beauty as well took us to downtown Auckland and to Tauranga for the amazing scenic variety found there. We had two days to optimise our time and photographic experiences with my Sony A7R11, A6000 and range of lenses.

Here’s a sampling of what we found;




Down at Auckland’s Wynward Quarter Silo Park Kennedy sets-off the industrial feel of a tank.






I am not a regular model photographer by any means. I consider photography of any genre is an extension of all other genres.  You scope out the locales envisage the final image, light and, composition then let your instincts take over.

We headed downtown Auckland for a few hours and here’s some of what we found.







There are interesting backgrounds everywhere, including walls and doors and street art.


A ‘borrowed” electric scooter on an intersection adds a contemporary urban touch, while heavy industrial background below provides a contrast.


In Tauranga we use the natural settings of NZ bush scenes, waterfalls, lakes and walks are all things both Kiwi’s and tourists enjoy. McLaren Falls in the Kaimai Range is a great and very accessible base for a range natural settings.


Desaturating the background seems to add something to the colourful casual attire of the model and the classic styling of Triumph Bonneville motorcycle.

Container background on Sulphur Point and                         vintage records in Roundabout Records in the Tauranga Historic Village                                                               proved two more interesting photographic locales.

Sitting in sand dunes at Mount Maunganui rounded out the two days.

For all the images taken over the two days please check out this gallery.

and,  www.brianscantlebury.com/New-Zealand-photos/Tauranga-photos

A great bis thank you to @Kennedyyounan for her contribution to the 2 days and about a hundred great images.

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