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Lets see if that plus what the world is being told about the pending ruination of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are both true. I’m excited as we fly from Hervey Bay.

Landing, birds are everywhere, nearly tame too, very reminiscent of Galapagos Islands.

Noddys like the white capped noddy and terns and their nests  surround the terminal and landing strip 


We are to spend the next 5 days at Lady Elliot Island Eco Resort. Every night at this time of the year turtles of three varieties come ashore to lay eggs, usually returning to sea before dawn. However, sometimes the leave their run too late and get left high and dry. The next high tide is then required to enable them to make their escape.

water returns and lets them dip their heads in to cool by cycling it through their body.

A colourful inhabitant of the island is one of the smallest.

The Strawberry Hermit Crab carries his home high of the sand.

It’s nesting season, and everywhere you turn there are birds like this white capped noddy carrying nesting material.

Roseate tern chick waits for it’s next feed.

Below are three of the ground and shore birds found on Lady Elliot.

 Speckled gold-and-black migratory Golden Plover

Buff banded rail

Ruddy Turnstone

Nature can be so gruesome and cruel.

Naturally beige coral surrounds the island and we are advised is very healthy.

The sunrises and sunsets are worth hanging about for too.

The island’s iconic and historic lighthouse.

Well, all in all the birdlife was amazing, learning about the turtle populations and breeding  informative and snorkeling was fun.

I did use a lot of photo storage, but thankfully didn’t run short.