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Kalimera, ruins and museums, most peoples take on this city, but there is more to see and do.

More images from our experiences can be seen at https://www.brianscantlebury.com/Travel/Greece/

What can you see in three days in Athens before heading off to other parts of the country and a few of its islands. That,s what we’ve got – 3 days, this is some of what we did.

Mount Lycabettus is a great first spot to get to. From the top, all the Athenian known landmarks can be seen and their relationship to the rest of the city. You can walk to the top, but most of the year you might find that a bit hard going. I did see a few sweating it out. A taxi made the job easy. Gets you to just a few metres from the top, still need to climb a few steps though.

Pano of city of Athens from Mount Lycabettus.

Cold drinks vendor and church at Mount Lycabettus summit.

Temple of Olympian Zeus archaeological ruins in the city and below the iconic acropolis.


Pomp and ceremony, or just Monty Pythonesque silly walks. Guards outside Greece parliament building. Could they actually guard anything?  Funny to watch though.

Across the street and down in the Plaka, interesting and hectically touristic district with its photogenic narrow streets lined with souvenir shops and restaurants.

All this antiquity, but still everywhere you turn, graffiti.

The Acropolis, the centre of antiquity. A citadel comprising ancient structures and theatres under restoration including the most significant Grecian structure the Parthenon.

Then off to pick-up the promised Polo that somehow mysteriously morphs into a Micra….. So, onwards and starting our Greek road-trip to the Peloponnese Peninsula,  Nafplio and other interesting places.

Avoiding motorways and highways wherever possible, through mainly countryside, olive tree plantations interspersed with the citrus orchard or grape vine. The travel takes longer but exposes us to landscapes, villages and other experiences that would be missed by using highways.The roads are lined with rubbish. Scattered through the fields are small old deserted/derelict crumbling buildings normally adorned with graffiti. Not many flat vertical space in this country are left un-graffitied.

Napflio, what a find.

Dining to backgound of this duo and Greek music.


Ermioni, further down the Peloponnese coastline,another tourist seaside tourist spot and a great drop-off point  for a short ferry trip and few hours on Hydra. for a night.






Next morning after delightful breakfast at Mourayio Bed and Breakfast (the place to stay in this part of country) to Nemea.

Inside and view across promenade from Mourayio B & B

Hydra, panorama of Hydra town at night as long exposure blurs passing water taxi.

A girl and her horse in an alleyway on the island.

Never heard of this ancient site until we were nearly there. Nemea was worth the visit, if only because it pre-dates everything else we have seen to date (500BC) and is accessible.

Though a lot smaller than say the Athens acropolis, it is never-the-less worth a visit.

Looking up Nemea Temple of Zeus  columns from below.

Crossing the stunning Rion-Antirion Bridge to head north and missive 3.