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We head off for a family week on Koh Samui as the first of 2 Thai stops.untitled-24
Beautiful beaches
A 40 minute drive from airport see’s us at our villa for the week. A lovely place and it would prove to be a great stay. Magnificent and always cooperative staff make a huge difference.




Our main room, just one of the 6 massive bedrooms that are supplemented with a couple of swimming pools  and everything else you’d expect. This Villa Pavana.Inside the villa.

A visit to the market seems essential activity in this part of world.

Koh Samui

The Samui Sunday night market fills a couple of hours. Typical bustle of toursists and vendors. No redeeming aspects here


Thailand, Koh Samui-64-2

The bottles of 40 baht motorcycle gasoline must have all sold out. The rack is empty. Although along the little sparsely populated road to our accommodation there’s about another 6 or so ramshackle sheds, shops etc that also sell the fuel by the bottle.

Stunning sunsets and sunrises on Koh Samui

Morning walks along the beach are ever interesting. Sunrise is delayed by cloudy horizons most mornings while we are here. A small fleet of longtail fishing boats is moored a little way along. Above a silhouetted fisherman prepares for the day. Looking the other direction a light mist shrouds the shore, boats and distant islands.

Thailand, Koh Samui-11

Typical tropical island beach lined with coconut palms on another cloudy morning but later Blue sky and water highlight and reflect a classic fishing boat.

Thailand, Koh Samui-23Buddhist culture dominates of course with shrines and pagoda all around. this pagoda is on the beach a few minutes walk from our fabulous accommodation. We’ve spent a week with our wonderful family here enjoying every minute of it. Can only say a great big thanks for the organisation,  time and memories here and for the generous celebration and gift.

Thailand, Koh Samui-33-2

Thailand, Koh Samui-53








Our 1st week comes to an end tomorrow and we head off to capture some of the scenes and life in northern part of the country.

There’ll be no more SUPing, kayaking or beach walks at our next stop.

Next stop Chiang Mai

 The streets of Chiang Mai are full of colour and vibrance, not to mention people and spots to eat or markets to buy everything from copy art to clothing and souvenirs. See more photos at;


Temples, chedi and Buddhist cultural paraphernalia are everywhere.

Some more urban street scenes;

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