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“Brian,an absolute gem of a book,it’s our Route 66 trip in a nut shell. Thanks so much. Ross” An appreciated and unsolicited comment from buyer of our book. Thank you.

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Route 66 

Route 66 - Anne's (21 of 311)

Hi there, just thought is was time you took a break, have a coffee, or similar, and take in the free preview of our new book on our recent wee adventure, ROUTE 66.

“Well if you ever plan to motor west
Just take my way it’s the highway that’s the best
Get your kicks on Route 66
Well it winds from Chicago to L.A.
More than 2000 miles all the way
Get your kicks on Route 66″    

Here’s the link;  You may even see a gift opportunity in our book. Hope so, either way do enjoy the free preview.


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We have not set out to produce another guide for Route 66 travelers. As we found, there are simply dozens of these already. Many very good.
We do hope this collection of images will serve as a memoir for you if you have traveled the route, or perhaps prepare you for what to expect if you plan to take the drive. If you have, you’ll surely have many fond memories of the scenery, the sights and your experiences. Perhaps images we’ve captured will take you back.
Planning to go? You are in for a wonderfully entertaining, educational and nostalgic time.


The historic route goes by a number of names, US Route 66, the Will Rogers Highway, Main Street of America, the Mother Road and reference to all of them can be seen along the way.

The roads rise and fall and rise again as an important thoroughfare from Chicago to Santa Monica, Los Angeles is legend. All 2400 odd miles (near 4,000 kilometers) entertain and educate as you pass through the incredible variety of landscapes, towns, and gift shops.


From the expansive scenes and landforms along the way, the newer interstate highway system and railroad that parallel the historic route near all the way, the left behind towns, the dilapidated signs, deserted motels, revitalised buildings and tourist magnets, the quirky, the queer, the corny, the kitsch and the characters.


Red Oak II just outside Carthage Red Oak II farm Carrthage, Missouri founded by famous American artist Lowell Davis.

Red Oak II just outside Carthage Red Oak II farm Carthage, Missouri founded by famous American artist Lowell Davis in his home.


Characters Harley in his home in  beside the Sandhills Curiosity Shop, a must drop in on the Route in small town of Erick.

And if you do not find yourself singing the songs of 60’s as you pass through the towns imortalised in so many lyrics then you might just have missed an amazing time in our history.


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Route 66

To check the Route 66 photo library please go to; http://www.brianscantlebury.com/Travel/Route-66