with nearly every town another another name.

Realise only sending a few of the many images we are taking. Any chance you’d like to see more, will gladly have you round on our return. Just let me know. Another option for a few more is instagram. My address is “briansphotography”.

“Oklahoma City looks oh so pretty
On to Amarillo…….”
After many more miles, faded signs, clapped out motels, diners, and some real tidy restorations, deserted or dying towns all tryinv with whats left to make a go of things we get too we got to Oklahoma City. Whilst this makes the whole route seem dilapidated thats not true and in fact these places that are more than a bit jaded give some sense of what can happen when depopulation occurs if some enthusiasm isnt employed. We’ve been driving all all sorts of roads as the historic 66, the more recent 66 and some current highways all intermingle. Finding ones way through all this interesting, and a challenge to the GPS, the GPS assistant (Anne) and the poor old driver (me). Fun lies around every corner, some we even see more than once!
Look at the old piece of dusty ol road. Was once  concrete and only 9 feet wide, you might see the old edges in the pic. Doesn’t really show what it was like.


We drove on these remains for about 20 miles.
Actually OKC didn’t look oh so pretty, but it was very interesting. I mentioned the 2 things most know this city for, well we visited the bombing memorial. I’ve learned there is a 3rd it should be known for – buffalo roam the streets. Yep all over the plac, seems around every co



r a




A brass plaque in the OKC National Memorial Museum, look  closely and you’l see some


of the



ted da

A moving experience, visiting this place was.

OKC most modern and tallest bu


ilding. O

wned a po

Red soisf OK, at th eDirt Road




s of Ok at DirtbRd. Intersection

One of our diversions was to a town called Bridgeport, neither the home of a bridge or a port, comprising soley of this post office and a couple of old homes with more crap around them


than the old T

auranga dump.

Show me the way to Amarillo. Thats where we are headed,via a few stops & I’m sure Tony Christie would be prouod of me remembering the bouncy little pop song of his, but I haven’t been hugging my pillow or looking for sweet Marie.
We are though looking forward to seeing what promises to be an interesting place.

What about this barber shop i


n a another tiny p

lace called Hydro

And all American s


mall town soda shop

Remember these thing


s, a working Wurlitzer

Clinton stops us for the night. Fortunately, neither the man of the same name nor his attachment were to be found howver there is a fabulous Route 66 Museum.

Today we got Deep in the heart of Texas. Jock, sure you’ll remember that old Gene Autry classic, probably teed it up in your radio days. While Eric, you’re old enough to remember his saddle bags!!!
Spending the night in Shamrock. Only place in US where 2 border to border highways cross. Known as the cross roads of America. A quaint little Irishy place as you might have guessed. Tomorrow we head off into desert country for a wee side trip.
A an en route shot this morning


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