From St. LOUIS a couple of side trip days lie ahead. HANNIBAL, Mark Twains boyhood home and the place his stories are based is our next stop.Heading there though is not a direct route. Here we learn( re-learn) about Mark, seehis childhood home, and aa swag ofmuseums. While everything was Lincoln in Springfield Il, its Mark Twain here. The locals are going to no end of trouble to build on the opportunity, and doing pretty vood job. We decide to buy a take-awaysaladandbonumber of apparently interesting litle places are waiting our attention first. The Chain of Rocks Bridge commands our attention for starters. Just out of St Louis it served Route 66 for about 32 years way back. Can’t drive it any more. We can’t get to them all, but Clarkesville seems a good place to have a stop, see a bit more of small town America and a refreshment. Remember ” Last Train to Clarkesville”?
The Monkees in 1967,

Well that was nearly 40 years ago, and so was the last train I reckon. Population now 422 ( actually a large town round here). Few shops, mostly deserted, a rather sad side of the Mississipi towns. Most common window sign :”no public toilets here”. I gather from that the 10 passers-through per week all need a pee and the local shop keepers aren’t about to share their precious dunnies. Shopkeepers overstates it too. About 6 old buildings selling so called antiques, can’t work out who to. The other 10 or 12 shops -closed. So thats Clarkeville on the way to Hannibal,

5th Sept, we decide the Lakes of the Ozarks are not for us. The accomodation is crap, won’t bore you with the details, but we decide the combination of that, no boat to explore what is really a phenomenal lake I renegotiate our booking, get a refund, pack up and move on. We hitch up with the route again, drive by some great old relics of times gone and get to Carthage. Here Anne has sussed a motel that was built in the 40’s, kinda retro, been wrecked by successive owners until in 2012 it was acquired by 2 sisters who have set about restoring it as faithfully as possible. Indeed, everything you ask for here there’s a standard answer “didn’t have that in the 40’s”. So  no fridge, no electric jug, no tv. We have to be thankful for small mercies, there is a bed and bathroom. Actually they are doing a great job with the 10’s of thousands of grants available for restoration. Everyone is quite serious about this route thing.
We learn that the last of the drive-in nights vor the season is tonight. Head out for a crappy diner dinner then to the theatre, about 7 or so miles out. On arrival some 40 mins early there is 400 metres of cars queued to get in each way. All happens quite effientlty and before we know it, we are in and waiting cor Jurassic World. You canbut imagine Anne’s enthusiasm but this will probably be our one and only experience of this kind.

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