Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Gifts. Always a testing time, trying to buy something meaningful.
Save yourself the trudging, sweating and hours of frustrations. Pohutukawa macro (3 of 3)b
Check these out, click on each of the book images for a free preview of the whole book.
Have a look at them at your leisure, and if you think there’s a gift solution, or something you’d like for your reception area or coffee table follow the “BUY” prompts.
15 books of stunning locales.

Hoping these are of interest and perhaps help.
Tauranga. Around 100 photographic images of Tauranga, it’s places and people.
Great gift for locals, visitors or to travel with.

learn to surf, a popular activity on Tauranga's Mount Maunganui beach.

Surf Lessons, new skills.

Tora Coastal Walk. Around 90 full colour images. A great record of this wonderful walk.
Great gift for someone who has done it of is contemplating doing it.

Cuba. Discover its people and it’s culture, and see why you should visit. And if you’ve been, what a memoir.

Gubbio, Medieval Italy. A wonderful collection of images showing what a walled city in Italy is like.
Festa dei Ceri, A family affair in Gubbio.
Cook Islands, Kia Orana. Around 100 images typifying these tropical islands.cooks hibiscus

Myanmar(Burma) The Golden Land. See why this country is called the Golden Land in around 100 full colour images.

Aung Sun (1 of 1)

Impressions of the UK. The traditions, the scenic landscapes through over 100 colour images.archit-24-6193586 sml

Paris – International City. A lovely collections of landmarks and typical scenes._6234163

Nevada, Las Vega and Red Rock Canyon. You won’t believe these scene.alaska-lasvegas 2008 (1703)

/Africa. The wildlife, scenes and light on the amazing continent.Vulture (2 of 2)

Croatia, Hrvatska “Heaven on Earth
See why Croatia is called Heaven on Earth.anne croatia (266 of 272)

Vietnam Four Decades On. How has this country fared since the war. A great memoir if you’ve been or over 100 images on why you might.SONY DSC

SPQR, Italy. Thinking of going? Around 100 images from the land of tradition and history.SONY DSC

Galapagos Islands. Over 100 images of the wildlife and landforms on the living museum.2012 trip (354 of 492)-73
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