Such a photogenic locale. Love it.

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Croatian Claustrophobia Croatian Claustrophobia

Dubrovnik is situated on hills that meet the Adriatic Sea.  It is famous for its large Old Town.  While the area is ancient, most of the roofs were replaced in the 1990’s after the war which erupted over the break up of Yugoslavia.  Because it is a popular cruise port, Old Town is jammed with tourists and people hawking short boat tours.  A beer will set you back $6, the most expensive in Croatia.  As usual, I give you the not usual in photography.  I even let a monochrome shot slip in this time.

Perhaps what I do with travel photography is an illusion.  I feel I have to throw in a few of the more typical shots just to prove I was there.  The entrance to Old Town appears deserted when it was not.  The harbor area is the best place to just hang out with tour…

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