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Recently added a few images to my Australia gallery; http://www.brianscantlebury.com/Travel/Australia/15790312_AFsCB
Be interested to hear your views/impressions, also to hear if there’s an image you could use that you dont see in any of my galleries. I have many more images and just might have what you need.

Landscape scene, Australian rural image.

Also to Tauranga Gallery; http://www.brianscantlebury.com/New-Zealand-Town-and-country/New-Zealand-scenics/13702051_ZNMCY

learn to surf, a popular activity on Tauranga's Mount Maunganui beach.

Surf Lessons, new skills.

Please let me know your thoughts (good, bad, indifferent..) or if there’s images you need that you cannot find. Be happy to search my full catalogue and send any for your consideration.