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New Wellington stock images to show some of the vibrant creative capital city recently added to http://www.brianscantlebury.com stock photo library

Wellington is a cosmopolitan city with an energetic personality. Please click on the images here to link through to these and more similar Wellington stock photos.

Windy Wellington sign on hillside at Miramar

Windy Wellington sign on hillside at Miramar in white corrugated iron mounted on side of hill to look like it is blowing away with Weta Cave tourism sign below.

The city is surrounded by wonderful scenic bays

Evans Bay panorama from Shelly beach Road Wellington

Evans Bay from Shelly beach Road Wellington

Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Titahi Bay, Wellington New Zealand

Rocky foreshore at Breaker Bay  at entrance to  Wellington Harbo

rocky foreshore at Breaker Bay at entrance to Wellington Harbour

Some with classic old beach or boat sheds

Titahi Bay boatsheds Wellington, New Zealand

Titahi individually leased and painted boat-sheds along the beach Wellington New Zealand

Coastal road around Wellington harbour Lowry Bay with bright col

Coastal road around Wellington harbour Lowry Bay with bright coloured boat shed.

Skerrett Boat Shed

Skerrett Boat Shed Lowry Bay Eastbourne Wellington white weatherboard construction with olive green door owned by Hutt City Council in February 2016


Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Rufus, the owner of this homely shed had just returned from his morning paddle in Titahi Bay, Wellington New Zealand

And the city waterfront is constantly busy and interesting whter is people watching, the coastal scenery, the public art trail or old architecture one can spend hours there and still miss so much

Summer day on Wellington waterfront

Summer day people enjoying Wellington waterfront strolling along the esplanade watching and relaxing in warm coastal public space.

Mooring ropes lying on dock Oriental Bay Boat sheds  and boats a

Mooring ropes lying on dock Oriental Bay Boat sheds and boats across bay Wellington New Zealand

Old white weathered warehouse buildings Shelly Beach Road, Miram

Old white weathered warehouse buildings Shelly Beach Road, Miramar, Wellington New Zealand

Markets like the Porirua Market enable a visitor to share some of the life and cultures



Like any cosmopolitan city, there are the characters and street scenes that captivate too

Wellington street car window washer Willis Street cleans windscr

Street scene of bare backed with spiky hair Wellington street car window washer Willis Street cleans windscreen of car stopped at intersection lights

Wellington architecture

Wellington wooden architecture old shop building now coffee outlet and Fidel’s cafe

Wellington architecture Shepherd's Arms Hotel in Tinakori.

Wellington architecture Shepherd’s Arms Hotel in Tinakori Road dates from around 1870, this laid-back hotel in the historic Thorndon suburb .


Red car in front vintage effect cottage in Tinakori Street, Well

Red car in front vintage effect cottage in Tinakori Street, Wellington


Outdoor cafe patrons on Evans Bay,Shelly Beach Road Wellington

Outdoor cafe patrons enjoying the activity and warmth on Evans Bay Shelly Beach Road Wellington


Inside the historic Railway Station


Night scenes around the spectacular harbour enthrall anyone taking a walk after dark.

City lights across bay Wellington New Zealand

City lights across Oriental BAy to boat sheds and city buildings Wellington New Zealand

City lights across Jervois Road with The Rugby World Cup Celebra

Hectic night scene of buildings, streets, lights tram lines and power poles across Jervois Road with The Rugby World Cup Celebration sculpture in small park Wellington New Zealand

Te Aho a Māui split pyramid sculpture with path through leading

Light effects created by zoom blur through Te Aho a Māui split pyramid sculpture with path leading to Civic Square and city lights and scenes Wellington New Zealand

And there is so much more – Wellington


On the road again…


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Not quite on the road so much off on another “expedition” and more for my library of photographic images plus these smartphone versions.

Buenos diaz, we’ve arrived at our home for month. It’s hot mid 20’s – 30’s c.

Flying low over Manises, Valencia we could clearly see the fruit fields below.

Mainly citrus. This I thought would be the the economic mainstay of the region. Once out of the airport we got our car and headed toward Parcent to meet Garry who is to take us to our digs.We drive, then off the highway, through orchards and olive groves.

The landscape here is hilly, most villages which are everywhere you look, often walking distance apart or only a couple of minutes drive set on hillsides or in the valleys there must be 30 or so of them from the vantage point of our home. Much dryer here. The orchards and groves don’t look as lush as the ones seen from the plane. After two nights in local restaurants I now know the main industries are poms and fruit/olive growing. The only Spanish voices heard in the establishments (one is even called Victoria) was from wait staff.

Our home is lovely, built way up a hill in what we know as Spanish style. Seems as villages grew and the poms arrived they have spread themselves through the hills around the traditional villages.

From NZ  a stopover at Houston TX. An interesting city, our mistake was to stay out of it. The Galleria area would be great if the only thing you wanted to do was shop. Massive shopping center with all imaginable chain and department stores imaginable, but a good 20 mins from the action. That being the architecture, parks, walks etc on the Downtown or the Museum district with it scores of museums, galleries, the large Hermann Park.

Then if you camp down here you are that 20 mins closer to things like the Nasa Space Center, Galveston Island etc. If you ever want a reference for a Houston or NASA guide let me know. Elizabeth was excellent

With a couple of hours to spare before leaving, nothing to do around hotel hired a cab and headed for museum district. Oh well next time as we only have 1.something days this time.


Adam, our very cheery Ethiopian driver really tried to be helpful, unfortunately most closed for Sunday morning but he did make a suggestion we see the Menil gallery (shot from the gallery hallway) . So we humored him. Glad we did. This is worth the visit. Don’t miss it if you have any interest in art. Would also commend Adam for a driver, got his number too if you ever want it.





Flight from Houston to Frankfurt provided me with window seat, which I like, however row 69 and about 10 around them are all over a ginormous Airbus 380 wing. It’s like looking out at a white football field.


Great view of sky. Bugger! Nothing left to do but leap int the on-board entertainment system. seems good range but stuck on Chinese, can’t rest, ask hostess who responds “something like, oh well too bad not your day” and buggers off Disappointments come in 3’s don’t they? After the meal they bring around cognacs or Baileys, and what do they do?  Distracted by the constant asking for extras by the Indian guy sitting next to Anne they offer them to everyone all around and totally miss our seats.


Flying over Germany, France and Spain presented real interesting scenes below. Can’t get over  the orderliness of the Teutonic landscape below.


Home for next month, Villa La Paz.

Now in Parcent Spain. Just arrived last night, after a small sleep headed into the village for a feed and to look around after dark.



Happened on a celebration the Bones Festes. Groups dressed up and yahooing, having a great old time in the streets of the village.

Another day, back down thru’ Parcent to Orbas. another of what must be about 30 villages that can be seen from our place. What a great little place, typically traditional Mediterranean. First stop, bar for a cappuccino at cost of only E1.20 each. Walk the streets, pick up some cookie things and pizza from a beaut little bakery joint.

Bar and street in Orba. Men supping their reds and espresso’s around mid morning.

Food, yep always important, & wine & coffee too. Some interesting experiences thus far. First in Houston Galleria all the usual suspects but decided once again to try Nordstrom restaurant to avoid American standard burgers and chips. Now here’s a tip. Always excellent food and service at Nordstrom. Better by far than the US normal places you find around places like malls or even on the street.

In Parcent last night we shot out to a place we’ve driven by a few times since  being  here. Looked ok by the signage. When we arrived noticed 3 courses, wine & water €12 but closed so down the road to Victoria’s. English fare, similar deal but €18. Running out of options so gave it a go. Well you could feed a small village on what we sent back. Not a quality problem, food was good. Just that they provided starters , bread + spreads with olives and a soup before the meal even started. No way a normal person could all this food justice. Well may except for you Gerald!! Ended up leaving without even getting to try the dessert. Looking forward to finding more tapas style places.

Quiet day today, but eventually headed to a supermarket village about 7 minutes away in Xalo. Walked the old streets for a while then stop in to a botega. Sign outside says 3 tapa + wine E9. Looks good. After the usual Hola, its ?habla ingles? then the language tryst commences. Fun. Tapas not of the style we are used to, but perfecto anyway, sometimes. Meat slices, bread and spread, potato salad and quiche. More than  a meal. We keep learning.


Xalo form its outskirts.

Michael & Hannah and the two littlies arrive and provide more entertainment and reason to explore the narrow country roads and even narrower village streets. Again, great fun. A spot of sunbathing sounded like a good idea, so off the Grandella beach, about an hour away. For  E28 you hire (actually Michael did, thanks) 2 deck chair things and an umbrella from those all set out out in rows


La Granadella is a small cove set between spectacular rock cliffs all round. the beach is stones and packed more tightly than a can of sardines. Off course when people are so close interesting events occur. Like I’m sitting on my deckchair minding y own business and become aware of something quite large around my left ear, gingerly turn my head to come face to face with some guys quite ample arse in the bright orange beach shorts I’ve ever seen. For a moment I thought the sun had dropped in. Couldn’t help worrying that he had full control of his bio-systems. It was close, but then after he had adjusted his arrangements his misses stood and revolved her over-ample butt into that same space, just mm’s away I’ll swear, now my worry was about her sense of balance. It’s all very close around these beaches, if you know what I mean!




People and shade silhouettes on the crowded beach of La Granadella.



It’s hunting season here and we are living in the Coll de Rates mountains. There’s the almost constant sounds of barking dogs and gunfire. Pretty hard to spot any wildlife, tho’ I did see a small squirrel scurrying along the power lines. He’d better be careful, we’re told they shoot anything that moves around here. wp-1471958463934.jpg

From our abode in the mountains





Just love driving around these little villages with their narrow roads, never knowing whats around the next right angle corner. The street scenes are quite picturesque, the people though are something else. The odd old lady with greet you with and hola, or buenos dias, in the main, no smiles, acknowledgements or even the cursory wave when you give way in the car. Strange.Found a couple of open churches today. Very austere exteriors and extremely ornate interiors, similar to Italian I suppose.


Interior and main alter inside Parcent Catholic church. Was originally a Mosque, but when the Muslims got done the last time the Christians took as their own. 17th Century I believe.


Hope you’ve been picking up the other images posted on Instragram too. Instagram address; briansphotography

Adios amigos.

More unabashed self-promotion


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Tauranga, NZ photographic stock images


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Looking for stock images , prints or canvases of stunning  Tauranga, images Bay of Plenty New Zealand?

I’m always out there searching for new and different aspects or our city so if you too are searching for Tauranga images? Search no further. Check out my 1,000+ images

New images are being added regularly that show aspects of the city and surround, the beaches, the people and urban life.

And if you don’t find what your looking please drop me an email or phone call, I may well have it unpublished.


Prints or canvases make wonderful prints. Looking for a gift with a touch of parochialism or something a bit different or something that says “this is our area”? Then Check out this gallery.

Please do drop me a message if there’s an idea you have and can’t see it in the gallery. 

Most of I hope you enjoy taking a look around this and my other NZ galleries.

Papamoa canvas

Spanish images


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Looking for your tips…..

Yes, we are about to head for south Spain for a month of gathering new and exciting photographs. Will be not far from Valencia just out of small (I understand) town of Parcent. looking forward to firing new imagery of that part of the country to you for your viewing and comment. The life, the people,the architecture and scenes I am expecting a lot.


Shot arriving home after our last adventure.

Following that we’ll move on to France to add to our library of images from that part of world.

Instagram; briansphotography

Web; http://www.brianscantlebury.com


Brick Bay Winery

First time we’ve bothered to visit. Thanks to an employee I met today in Matakana village who put the case we headed up. All I can say now is disappointed  it took so long for to get there. A marvelous  experience. Excellent  coffee and  food. The sculpture was worth every minute of the 2.5 hours it took us to get around.

The Kauri Grove and Nikau trail add to the experience of 50 odd large & often quirky sculptures.


Take a ride but do not overtake turning vehicle


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Take a ride, old bike seen in small town back-street with interesting “stolen” warning sign to followers.

Dirty old pushbike leaning against wall in back street with brig

Dirty old pushbike leaning against wall in back street with bright yellow sign “Do not overtake turning vehicle”

See more fine art photography

Sydney images – old style


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Great city, great harbour, but the sun doesn’t shine it seems.Look at these.

Three old style images of Sydney icons included in Australia stock image gallery.

Please take a look, share and let me know what you think.

What a stunner


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Papamoa Beach at sunrise yesterday along with a new series in my Tauranga gallery.

It was a stunner of a morning as winter sun rose across, beach and dunes with many great photographic opportunities.



Mount Maunganui on Queens Birthday weekend.


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Always plenty on, fun for all. Encounters on a walk around the Mount (NZ’s most walked track) on Saturday morning included Samba drummers (excuse the phone quality images),

Mount Joggers and Walkers events including 1/2 marathon. It was their 30th anniversary, so congrats to the club.


From recent wildlife shoot


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Recent reptile wildlife shoot for Rainbow Springs Nature Park was a great experience that yielded some great shots.

Check; http://www.brianscantlebury.com/Animals/Rainbow-Springs-Gallery/

for more.



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